Sunday, 30 August 2015

June's Country Ho Down

June's meeting was a fun filled cow boy/cow girl Ho Down. We had a wonderful cold plate supper, did some line dancing and had show and tell. A great time was had by all.

Cecile's little wall hanging

Jackie's pretty wallet


The buffet table

Some happy cow girls

Some more of the girls having a good time

Having a line dance after supper

Debbie's lovely Bear Paws and Bears quilt...

    Bonnie's Barbed Wire quilt from a fabric exchange

Here is a close up of Bonnie's Barbed Wire

Joyce's lovely lady portrait

A close up of Joyce's work. It's wonderful!

    Joyce's miniatures - so pretty

Out house?

Carolyn's double Irish chain quilt in lovely blues...
Close up of Carolyn's Irish Chain
A great time was had by everyone. Hope every one has a wonderful summer. Have a safe summer while traveling and if staying home enjoy the weather. Summer seems to fly by too quickly. See you all in September.

May Show and Tell

Here are the pictures from our May meeting.
Bertha's Arrowhead Mystery Quilt

Cecile's Double Four Patch

Falling Charms

Charlotte's Cat Wallet

Kathy O's green and blue hunter star, impressive!

Joanne's Batik quilt looks like a Basket Weave

Made by Joanne using the quick curve ruler

This is Liz's maple leaf quilt - such lovely colors...

and close up it is so beautiful 

Dianne's Dakota Lulu quilt - so pretty...

Carol's quilt made from the fabric exchange fabrics
this past January, and a pair of Slippers

    Pat Gold and Black quilt (SF Giants) 

Peggy's wall hanging done with the soy milk technique

Bertha's place mat

Bertha's Fall wall hanging

Peggy one block wonder project
Well that was all there is from the May meeting. See you in June.

Monday, 27 April 2015

April Meeting

Really busy meeting this month. Claire gave her annual financial report and also filled in as Chair for Pat. We did a survey sheet which included many, many options for the up and coming Guild year. A projected show was done introducing Elaine Quehl a renowned quilting artist, Liz gave a talk and demonstration on avoiding aches and pains when sitting and sewing with a short stretching demonstration. Membership renewals were taken, registration for Gail's wallet workshop and show and tell. This is just a very brief outline of our meeting. Boy, were we busy!
 What a gorgeous Bow Tie Quilt 
 a beautiful pieced panel quilt made by Anne and her husband Don
 Charlotte and her strip quilt in the Maple Leafs hockey team colours 
 Carol's modern quilt
 Cecil with her creative funky dimonds 
 Charlotte's single Irish chain
 Doris had an Easter Bunny quilt
 Jackie's quilt called Brown Sugar
 Janet with her zipper bags

 Joyce and her foundation scrap quilt
extraordinary cat wall hanging made by Joyce 
 June and her Twisted Log Cabin all hand quilted and what tinny pieces 
 June also had her revision quilt top in reproduction prints
 Another quilt done by Anne and Don from a panel
 one of my PHD's finished, Rancher's Daughter 
 Victoria Quilt made and quilted by Marj
 Another quilt made for Victoria Quilts
 More for Victoria Quilts
 Again for Victoria Quilts
 For Victoria Quilts
 Again made for Victoria Quilts
And last but not least for Victoria Quilts
We are a very generous and productive group and if you would like to check out the Victoria Quilts Charity here is their link.

Well I am almost caught up Blogging. 
Always in stitches