Saturday, 13 September 2014

September 2014 Show and Tell

  The first meeting of our Guild year, was held  Wednesday September 3rd, after a very busy summer.  "Show and Tell" was held and below are the quilts that were shown.  Faye Charleton took the photos and sent them to me.  Faye is our photographer this year for ECQG.  Great job, because everyone moves pretty quickly! Thanks to Carolyn Finnie for recording the quilters names.

Lovely Double Irish Chain by Pat Parrill

Charlotte used a charm pack and put them together with black-striking!

Pretty purple strips by Susan Mayo

Marg Rouledge's lovely runner which was a kit purchased in Alaska.

Lucy B's lovely professional wallet made in Gail Mitchell's "guinea pig" class.

 Pretty pink and black quilt - Sparkling Gemstone - by Bonnie

 This quilt (2 pictures) was made by Diane Carson's mother and she (Diane) is looking
for someone to finish it

This piece called Meandering was done by Jo-Anne Craig in the "What not Club"
Lovely wall hanging called Widdly Tinks also by Jo-Anne Craig

This little 'sock monkey' quilt made by Jo-Anne Craig 

Kathy O'Connell's beautiful Bow Tie!

Kathy O'C's colourful scrappy Sunny Lane quilt.

I am thinking that Joyce Newman's quilt should have special is 3D and very skillfully done Joyce!!!!
Joyce's amazing wallhanging

Here it is closer look at this wallhanging, with a remarkable face and beautifully coloured 3D shield.
GREAT work Joyce!!

Beautiful work ladies, nice to see that the summer days were well used most likely when the weather wasn't ideal.  

Next time,
Kathy F,

Friday, 12 September 2014

Member Art Show

   Just a reminder that Peggy Holt a very talented member of our Guild is having an Art Show at Endeavour's art store on Queen Street, Sunday September 14th from 12-5 pm.  This is the last day of Harvest Jazz and Blue's Festival, so many of you may be in downtown Fredericton, stop in.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Guild member, Kathy O'Connell,  sent some photos of what she saw at the Frex from her volunteer time yesterday at our ECQG booth.

Have a look at some of our winners as well as our quilters and ticket sellers.  There appears to be lots of interest!

Sandra and Pauline quilting while Kim sells tickets.

Sandra Day "supervising" a new quilter, while Pauline answers interested passers-by.

Bunnies - Doris Kilburn

Card Trick - Cecile Grant

Irish Chain - Darlene Dewar

Black and White - Doris Kilburn

Pastel Patchwork - Darlene Dewar

Autumn Splendour - Bertha Mazerolle

Blue and yellow - Pauline Love

16 patch, Purple Stars - Darlene Dewar

Blue Patchwork - June Goodine

Mason Jars - Bertha Mazerolle
Congratulations all!
Remember our first meeting of the new Guild year is tomorrow at 7pm at the Gibson Memorial Church Hall.
See you soon,

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

FREX Volunteers NEEDED

Hi all,
  Tis Fredericton Exhibition time again and w need volunteers for our booth and hand quilting project from the 31st of August to the 6th of September.  Please contact Sandra Day (450-2911)
if you can donate a couple of hours to sew or sell tickets for ECQG give away quilt or just be there!  There are a lot of hours to cover...we need you!
  Here are a couple of photos from previous years.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Newbie Quilter...ANNA!!

  I thought that I would show you all a member, Kathy O'Connell's,  granddaughter Anna.  The information that Kathy sent at the time I thought that I would blog about Newbies, is that "Anna is in Grade 3 at Connaught St, she will be 9 in June". Well, now Anna will be going into grade 4 in the fall and just had her 9th birthday!!  

Anna loves to dance and is an active bright little girl with an amazing spark in her eyes.  When she visited me recently she was animated, interesting in everything and looked me right in the eye when talking to me...something I think is very important!

 Anna is very artistic; loves to draw, paint, and has helped her Nanny design a couple of quilts for her dolls. One day this spring, Anna was visiting Kathy O, and asked if she could do some quilting, so Kathy took her down to her sewing room and left her to create something.  

Isn't this an amazing, complex, well designed little block for an 8 year old?  Great job, Anna!!  Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Does anyone else in the Guild have a Newbie story to share?

Just let me know.
Sew often,
Kathy F.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hawaiian Luau, ECQG season closing party

  Party Time at Elm City!

Enjoy the photos below sent to me with identifying information, by Faye Charleton. Thanks Faye!   The closing meeting looked like a great celebration and despite the party atmosphere it was also a time of Show and Tell by members!

Lets have a look:

 Lovely table decorations...

 There was  even had a palm tree and a dancing hula girl on top of a pineapple!

Beautifully decorated and oh so colourful hall, created by the committee!!  Great job Gals!!  We have such amazing talent in our Guild, and not just for quilting!!

Yummy looking food as well!

This colourful quilt met people at the door.

2 lovely ladies with their grass skirts and note Dora's colourful sandals below

 Many of our members came in their finest hawaiian enjoy and get into the Luau spirit!

grass skits were plentiful!

 And as the celebrating wound down,  we have Show and Tell!

Marg R showing special wallhanging

The beautiful bride's dress wallhanging was done by a friend of Marg's -
Trish Wallace who is god-mother to Marg's granddaughter

Laurie Yeates explaining her Fairy quilt - so cute

Laurie Yeates' quilts -  broken dishes and ...

...single Irish Chain

Myrna's Echoing Squares quilt from the fabric exchange in January

Peggy Holt's orphan block quilt.

and another of Peggy's orphan Block quilts

 A baby quilt called Bugs Love - made by Gwenda

   Cathy Hachey and her Mom with 'Spring' UFO'S completed

Betty Curtis, Cathy Hachey's Mom with a giggle

  Marg Routledge finished her Nova quilt - a wedding gift for her
Looks like lots of FUN was had!!!    Thanks so much to the organizers.